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Modern Recycling Ltd., located in China and with its principal purchasing department in the U.S., has extensive experience in the plastic scraps business. With our highly capable purchasing agents fluent in French, Arabic, Spanish, English, and Chinese, we deal with customers not only domestically, but also abroad. After purchasing scraps from dealers from all over the world, the scraps are shipped to factories in China where they are recycled and primed for resale.

At Modern Recycling Ltd., one of our objectives is to be environmentally friendly and as such, our recycling processes meet all national standards. Our ongoing devotion to environmental protection garnered us certification and permits from China in meeting their required standards for pollutant emission and quality assurance. We continually search for new and better ways to improve our environment and to help reduce waste and pollution that threatens our ecosystem.

Permits for importing scraps in China

Temporary permits for pollutant emissions in China

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