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Since 1993, Techmerge Holdings Ltd. has also expanded into the food and beverage industry in Hong Kong. With our goal to provide a myriad assortment of culinary options, we have opened restaurants including:

Kings' Lodge Noodle King Wah Kee Canteen

From Wah Kee Canteen, our first establishment, to King’s Lodge that opened recently, our company has over 10 years of experience in the food & beverage industry. In planning each new restaurant, we would consult experts in the industry for the standard in quality and operations. Then, in our company’s tradition of innovation and improvement, we would make it better. All our restaurants are a model of our company’s demand for high quality food, service and management. Each of our restaurants has a distinct and unique ambiance that meets the needs and style of our customers.

A fine restaurant can not only draw crowds but also improve upon the neighborhood. Under the interactive market effect, King’s Lodge, Noodle King and Wah Kee restaurants has been a success since its opening. Seats are always filled. The restaurants not only draw people from the neighborhood, but also attract people from other regions.

Our company is growing and evolving and in doing so, we wish to bring more of our restaurants to new neighborhoods. Each new restaurant will bring with it our "new twist on old dishes" tradition and as always, provide high quality food and service.

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